Our team of experienced professionals brings deep industry knowledge, strategic insights and creative thinking to help clients navigate complex landscapes and achieve their goals.

Drawing on a team of over 50 professionals, Cyprinoid has delivered nearly 500 successful projects for our clients over the last 30 years in education and training, health and biotech, agriculture and horticulture, energy and environment, new technology commercialisation, doing business with government and public policy development.


Our seven key industrial sectors

Tertiary education and training

We assist educational institutions and training colleges in developing and implementing strategies to enhance learning outcomes, student engagement and institutional effectiveness.

Health and biotech, including aged care

Our expertise in healthcare and biotechnology enables us to support organisations in improving patient care, advancing medical research and enhancing aged care services.

Agricultural and horticultural supply chains

Including chemicals and food. We work with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to optimise productivity, sustainability and quality in agriculture, horticulture and food production.

Energy and environmental services

We help companies navigate the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources and develop solutions to address environmental challenges.

New technology commercialisation

We support startups, investors, established companies and government agencies, including research organisations in commercialising new technologies and driving innovation across industries.

Doing business with government

From bid development and contract negotiation to project reporting and business-government procurement, as well as public-private partnerships, we provide comprehensive support.

New technology commercialisation

We offer strategic guidance and policy expertise to governments and organisations in shaping effective public policies that address societal challenges and promote sustainable development.

Tertiary education and training

Through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships, Cyprinoid facilitates the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, governance, academic, management and operational best practices, pedagogical advancements and curriculum design and content, as well as regulator reporting and relationship management, empowering institutions to excel in delivering high-quality education.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our comprehensive support for academic institutions, ensuring they remain competitive on a global scale and equipped to meet the evolving demands of the modern education landscape.

The tertiary education and training sector in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India is marked by diversity, innovation and a commitment to excellence in education. Cyprinoid is at the forefront of supporting growth and development in the tertiary education and training sector across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and India. By embracing the diversity of these regions, Cyprinoid offers tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs and challenges of each market.


Australia is a world-renowned destination for international students. Australia’s tertiary education and training sector stands as a beacon of excellence, renowned globally for its high-quality education offerings and innovative research endeavours. With a diverse range of universities, vocational education institutions and private colleges, Australia provides students with a wealth of options to pursue their educational aspirations. Notably, the country’s universities consistently rank among the world’s best, attracting students from around the globe seeking top-tier education in various disciplines.

Moreover, Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector play a crucial role in equipping individuals with practical skills and knowledge essential for thriving in today’s workforce. Through accredited courses and hands-on training programs, the VET sector prepares students for diverse careers, ranging from trades and technical roles to business and hospitality professions. This emphasis on practical learning ensures that graduates are not only academically proficient but also ready to excel in real-world employment scenarios.

Furthermore, Australia’s commitment to fostering innovation and research excellence is evident in its tertiary education landscape. Universities collaborate closely with industries and research institutions, driving groundbreaking discoveries and technological advancements. This collaborative approach not only enriches the learning experience for students but also contributes significantly to Australia’s economic growth and global competitiveness. In essence, Australia’s tertiary education and training sector epitomise excellence, offering a wealth of opportunities for students to pursue their academic and career aspirations while making meaningful contributions to society.

New Zealand

Similarly, New Zealand’s tertiary institutions are celebrated for their high-quality education and research output, attracting students from around the globe to its picturesque campuses and culturally rich environment.


Singapore’s tertiary education sector is renowned for its strong emphasis on academic rigor, industry relevance, and innovation. With a focus on developing a knowledge-based economy, Singapore’s universities and polytechnics collaborate closely with industries to offer cutting-edge programs that equip students with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.


India, home to a vast and diverse higher education ecosystem, is experiencing rapid growth and transformation in its tertiary education sector. With a focus on expanding access to education, fostering research and innovation, and enhancing quality standards, India’s universities and colleges are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the country’s future.

Across these countries, the tertiary education and training sector is characterised by a strong commitment to fostering talent, driving innovation and addressing the evolving needs of society and industry. Through collaboration, investment in infrastructure and technology and a focus on delivering high-quality education, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India are all working towards empowering the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators to create positive change and drive sustainable development.

Tertiary education and training engagements

Cyprinoid’s collaborations with a diverse range of clients, including Macquarie University, BSI Learning, Charles Sturt University, The Fashion Institute and the Australasian College has yielded notable successes in the education and training sector, particularly at the interface of our client’s higher education and training provider businesses with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Other university engagements over time have included; Monash, Victoria, Swinburne, RMIT, UTS, Deakin and Melbourne.

By navigating complex regulatory frameworks such as the Higher Education Standards, the ESOS Framework for CRICOS providers and the VET Standards and providing strategic counsel, Cyprinoid has supported our tertiary education and training clients in achieving accreditation and ensuring compliance.

Our work with Australasian College of Health and Wellness (formerly MHM Higher Education) facilitated the establishment and development of the organisation as a higher education provider, including its initial establishment and the development of its first bachelor qualification. In the VET space, we have assisted many clients with the journey through full Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accreditation to the customisation, tailoring and approval of VET qualifications, for example the highly specialist and very successful The Fashion Institute of Sydney Australia.

Additionally, our advisory role with both the Department of Premier and Cabinet in Victoria and the Victorian Premier The Hon Dennis Napthine on the Victorian Training Guarantee (including challenging issues relating to provider cancellations and liquidations), and client engagements with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Law School regarding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation support of the Initiative for Open Innovation, exemplifies Cyprinoid’s capacity to provide invaluable insights to governmental bodies and academic institutions alike in the tertiary education and training space. Through client engagements like these, Cyprinoid continues to drive meaningful impact in the education and training landscape.

Health and biotech, including aged care

Through our client engagements, Cyprinoid supports the growth and development of the health and biotech sectors, including aged care, across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Recognising the vital importance of these sectors in the healthcare ecosystems of these countries, Cyprinoid provides customised and tailored services that foster innovation and excellence in healthcare delivery.

The health and biotech sectors, including aged care, are vital components of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore’s healthcare ecosystems, with a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare delivery. In Australia, these sectors are characterised by cutting-edge research, advanced medical technologies and a strong emphasis on patient-centred care. Similarly, New Zealand and Singapore boast thriving biotech industries, leveraging their expertise in research and development to drive breakthroughs in medical treatments, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology innovations.

In Australia, Cyprinoid works with our clients to assist them with their cutting-edge research initiatives, integration advanced medical business technologies and promotes patient-centred care approaches to enhance the quality of healthcare services. Similarly, in New Zealand and Singapore, Cyprinoid collaborates with thriving biotech industries to drive research and development endeavours, contributing to breakthroughs in medical treatments, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology innovations.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Cyprinoid empowers organisations in these sectors to thrive and make significant contributions to global healthcare advancements.


Australia’s health and biotech sector is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, fuelled by innovation and a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. With a strong focus on research and development, Australia is at the forefront of biomedical advancements, driving breakthroughs in areas such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health solutions. The collaboration between academia, research institutions and industry partners foster a thriving ecosystem that nurtures groundbreaking discoveries and fosters the translation of scientific research into practical applications, ultimately benefiting patients both locally and globally.

In addition to its robust biotech sector, Australia’s aged care industry plays a vital role in supporting the health and well-being of its aging population. As the demand for aged care services continues to grow, the sector is undergoing transformation, with an emphasis on delivering personalised care solutions that prioritise dignity, autonomy and quality of life for older adults. From residential aged care facilities to home care services, Australia’s aged care sector is characterised by innovation and a commitment to delivering compassionate and person-centred care to meet the diverse needs of aging individuals and their families.

Moreover, Australia’s focus on promoting healthy aging and preventive healthcare strategies underscores its dedication to ensuring that individuals can live fulfilling and independent lives as they age. By investing in research, education, and infrastructure, Australia is shaping a future where older adults can enjoy optimal health and well-being, supported by a comprehensive and integrated healthcare system that addresses their unique needs and challenges. In essence, Australia’s health, biotech and aged care sectors reflect a commitment to innovation, compassion and excellence in delivering healthcare services and advancing medical science for the benefit of all Australians.

Biotechnology; Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

For Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean biotech firms, international partnerships with global pharmaceutical corporations in the US and Europe play a pivotal role in driving innovation and expanding market reach. Collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies provide access to expertise, resources and distribution networks, facilitating the development and commercialisation of new therapies and medical technologies on a global scale. These partnerships not only enhance the competitiveness of biotech firms but also contribute to advancing healthcare outcomes and addressing unmet medical needs worldwide.

Aged care; Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

Furthermore, in the aged care sector, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are focused on providing high-quality care and support for their aging populations. With rising life expectancies and changing demographics, there is increasing demand for innovative aged care solutions that prioritise dignity, independence and quality of life for older adults. By fostering international collaborations and sharing best practices in aged care management and service delivery, Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean providers can enhance their capabilities and address the evolving needs of aging populations in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Health, biotechnology and aged-care engagements

Cyprinoid’s collaboration with a diverse and wide range of clients in the health and biotech sectors, including Katan Associates International and their many Australian and New Zealand biotechnology customers, has been marked by strategic counsel and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each business. Through our client engagement with Lee Roshana Aged Care, Cyprinoid has provided comprehensive advisory and organisational policy testing and refinement services aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance in the aged-care sector.

Our past work for AusBiotech’s in desiging, establishing, developing and project managing their investor fora underscores Cyprinoid’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation across the biotechnology sector, including securing and coaching 88 participating healthcare and biotechnology companies for their inaugural invest forum. Further, Cyprinoid has been engaged by many biotechnology companies to assist with strategic council and international partnerships, including the likes of Epitan, Virax, NanoVic, Thorguard and VicBio.

Additionally, Cyprinoid has been engaged by major hospital groups in the public and private space to provide strategic counsel on the strategy front, or deep intelligence for process and record improvement. These engagements highlight our ability to provide specialised expertise and guidance, contributing to institutional success and operational excellence.

Agricultural and horticultural supply chains, including chemicals and food

Through our client engagements, Cyprinoid plays a crucial role in supporting the growth and development of Australia’s agricultural and horticultural supply chains, which are integral to the nation’s economy.

Leveraging its expertise and innovative solutions, Cyprinoid collaborates with stakeholders across the supply chain to enhance efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

Australia’s agricultural and horticultural supply chains are vital components of the nation’s economy, providing a diverse range of high-quality produce to domestic and international markets. From the vast wheat fields of the Australian outback to the lush vineyards of the Adelaide Hills, Australia’s agricultural sector is characterised by innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Through advanced farming techniques and investment in research and development, Australian farmers produce a bounty of crops, including grains, fruits, vegetables and livestock, meeting the growing demand for nutritious and ethically sourced food products worldwide.

In tandem with its agricultural prowess, Australia’s food sector is renowned for its commitment to food safety, quality assurance and traceability throughout the supply chain. Stringent regulatory standards and industry best practices ensure that Australian food products meet the highest standards of safety and integrity, inspiring consumer confidence both at home and abroad. Whether it’s succulent Australian beef, premium seafood from pristine waters or gourmet cheeses crafted with artisanal skill, consumers can trust that Australian food products are produced and processed with the utmost care and attention to quality.

Furthermore, Australia’s chemicals and agri-input industries play a crucial role in supporting agricultural productivity and sustainability. From fertilisers and pesticides to veterinary medicines and agricultural machinery, these sectors provide essential inputs and technologies that enable farmers to optimise yields, minimise environmental impact, and enhance farm efficiency. Through innovation and collaboration, Australia’s chemicals and agri-input industries continue to evolve, developing cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving challenges facing modern agriculture while ensuring the long-term viability and resilience of Australia’s food production systems.

Agricultural, horticultural and related industry engagements

Cyprinoid’s collaboration with clients such as Petrie-Tacoma Agricultural Investments, CRT Australia, Agrichem and Vicentia has been instrumental in driving success within the agricultural sector. Through strategic counsel and tailored solutions, Cyprinoid has supported these businesses and many others in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and optimising operational efficiency on the agricultural and horticultural supply chains, including chemicals and food spaces.

Our work with Mandalay Funds Management and their ESVCLP MF1 underscores Cyprinoid’s expertise in designing and developing strategies and policies that are industry-fit, to facilitate sectoral investments and foster growth opportunities within the agricultural investment sphere. In a similar vein, with Theobroma Plantations, Cyprinoid has played a pivotal role in negotiating multinational offtake agreements, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring provenance and traceability within the supply chain.

Additionally, our work with Theobroma on the Agri Futures Cacao Research, Development and Extension Plan, highlights Cyprinoid’s dedication to research, development and farmer extension, contributing to the advancement of innovative practices within the agricultural industry.

Furthermore, Cyprinoid’s involvement with the Douglas Shire economic development committee, particularly in supporting the agricultural diversification working group, showcases our capacity to drive collaborative efforts aimed at fostering economic growth and sustainability within local agricultural and horticultural communities.

Energy and environmental services

Cyprinoid is supporting the growth and development of the energy and environmental service sectors in Australia and South East Asia, where transformation is essential to balance escalating energy demands with environmental preservation.

Through strategic consultancy and innovative solutions, Cyprinoid assists organisations in navigating this dynamic landscape, facilitating the adoption of sustainable energy sources, enhancing resource efficiency and implementing eco-friendly practices.

The energy and environmental service sectors in Australia and South East Asia are undergoing significant transformation as the region grapples with the dual challenges of meeting growing energy demand while mitigating environmental impact.

From advising on renewable energy projects to optimising waste management systems, Cyprinoid empowers businesses to embrace sustainability as a core component of their operations. By fostering collaboration and driving innovation, Cyprinoid contributes to the transition towards a more sustainable energy future while addressing pressing environmental challenges in the region.

In Australia, the shift towards renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power is gaining momentum, driven by government policies, technological advancements and increasing environmental awareness. This transition presents opportunities for businesses specialising in renewable energy infrastructure development, energy efficiency solutions and environmental consulting to thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

Similarly, in South East Asia, there is a growing recognition of the need to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy alternatives to address air pollution, reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change impacts. Governments across the region are implementing policies and initiatives to promote renewable energy deployment, improve energy efficiency and enhance environmental sustainability. As a result, there is a burgeoning demand for energy services providers offering expertise in renewable energy project development, energy management solutions and environmental impact assessments to support the region’s green growth agenda.

Moreover, the energy and environmental services sector in Australia and South East Asia is characterised by collaboration and knowledge exchange as companies, governments and international organisations work together to address common challenges and seize opportunities for sustainable development. By harnessing the region’s abundant renewable energy resources, investing in clean technologies, and adopting best practices in environmental management, the energy and environmental services sector is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for both Australia and South East Asia.

Energy and environmental services engagements

Cyprinoid’s collaboration with a diverse array of clients, including CTECK, the Enserv Group’s Nano-Graphitic Carbon business, Mossman Botanic Garden, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT’s) international climate change engagement program (with a suite of other project partners) and Rainforest Rescue, reflects Cyprinoid’s commitment to driving success across the energy and environmental service sectors.

With CTECK, Cyprinoid has provided strategic counsel and innovative solutions to navigate technological challenges and enhance operational efficiency. Our engagement with Enserv has seen the implementation of sustainable energy solutions, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

While, Cyprinoid’s engagement with Mossman Botanic Garden where we designed, developed and put in place the governance, management and operational arrangements to take the organisation from an idea to “execution-ready” underscored our dedication to supporting initiatives aimed at biodiversity conservation and ecosystem preservation, as well as providing business development and growth services to the NGO sector more generally.

Through DFAT’s international climate change engagement program, Cyprinoid has contributed valuable insights and strategies to address pressing global challenges, including examining the alignment of COP26 and COP27 outcomes with the needs of carbon abatement and climate resilience in South East Asia, and project managing the Australia-Thailand Smart Climate Change Technology and Innovation Engagement Program for Enserv.

Furthermore, Cyprinoid’s work in assisting the Chair and CEO of Rainforest Rescue with strategy and planning, highlights Cyprinoid’s commitment to environmental advocacy and conservation efforts, particularly tropical rainforest biodiversity, driving meaningful impact in safeguarding precious ecosystems.

New technology commercialisation

The new technology commercialisation sector in Australia and South East Asia is experiencing a surge of innovation and entrepreneurship, driven by a dynamic ecosystem of startups, research institutions and government initiatives.

Cyprinoid plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth and development of the new technology commercialisation sector in Australia and South East Asia, where innovation and entrepreneurship are thriving. Leveraging its expertise in strategic consultancy and industry insights, Cyprinoid collaborates with startups, research institutions and government initiatives to foster a conducive environment for technology commercialisation.

By providing tailored services that span market analysis, business development and strategic partnerships, Cyprinoid empowers emerging technologies to reach their full commercial potential. Through its commitment to fostering collaboration and driving innovation, Cyprinoid contributes to the vibrant ecosystem of technology commercialisation, fuelling economic growth and driving societal impact in the region.

In Australia, hubs such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are thriving with tech startups leveraging breakthrough technologies in fields like artificial intelligence, biotechnology and clean energy. These startups are supported by a robust network of incubators, accelerators and venture capital firms, fuelling their growth and facilitating the commercialisation of cutting-edge innovations.

Similarly, in South East Asia, countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are emerging as hotbeds of innovation, with a burgeoning startup scene and government-led initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and technology adoption. Singapore, in particular, has established itself as a regional hub for technology commercialisation, attracting startups and investors from around the world. With its strategic location, business-friendly environment and strong government support for innovation, Singapore offers an ideal ecosystem for startups to scale and expand into regional and global markets.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Australia and South East Asia in technology commercialisation presents exciting opportunities for startups and investors alike. By leveraging each other’s strengths and resources, companies can access new markets, talent pools and funding sources, accelerating the pace of innovation and driving economic growth across the region. Through cross-border partnerships, joint ventures and knowledge exchange initiatives, Australia and South East Asia are poised to shape the future of technology commercialisation, ushering in a new era of prosperity and innovation for both regions.

New technology commercialisation engagements

Cyprinoid has orchestrated a series of triumphs across its engagements with an array of esteemed clients in the new technology commercialisation space. Including championing the strategic development and growth financing of real estate industry SaaS-enabled provider INSiTE Management Services from a start-up to more than 44,000 properties under management, to devising innovative technology strategies for the commercialisation of Enserv’s technology portfolio, including seeking and obtaining Australian Government support for the establishment and development of their Nano-Graphitic Carbon Manufacturing Facility.

Cyprinoid has consistently designed, developed and delivered customised and tailored solutions that drive success, including the establishment and development of the technology businesses Environmental and Technology Resource Holdings and Environmentally Controlled Organic Systems and their comprehensive, allied and related IP and patent portfolios.

Further, Cyprinoid’s work with Pyksis in assisting them with their investment peer review panels has seen exposure to many 10s of early-stage technology businesses, while business development assistance for Zeetings helped position them in a strong position to be acquired by Canva. Through engagements with Katan Associates International and Epitan, Virax, NanoVic, Thorguard and VicBio, Cyprinoid has demonstrated its prowess in navigating diverse sectors, delivering impactful outcomes that propel its clients to new heights of achievement through new technology commercialisation.

Finally, Cyprinoid works very closely on many engagements with specialist start-up and early-stage innovation support business Innovation Architects.

Doing business with government; bid development, contract negotiation and project reporting, including public-private partnerships

Doing business with government entities, including bid development, contract negotiation and project reporting, presents lucrative opportunities for firms in Australia, Singapore, South East Asia, the South West Pacific and India.

Government contracts often involve large-scale projects in various sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing, education and training, defense, healthcare and technology, offering a steady and reliable source of revenue.

Furthermore, government contracts tend to have longer durations and stable payment terms, providing firms with financial predictability and sustainability. By successfully navigating the bid development process and negotiating favourable contracts, firms can secure lucrative opportunities to deliver innovative solutions and services that address the needs of government agencies and the broader community.

Cyprinoid is instrumental in supporting the growth and development of firms in Australia seeking to do business with government entities. With expertise in bid development, contract negotiation and project reporting, Cyprinoid enables firms to capitalise on lucrative opportunities within various sectors, including infrastructure, manufacturing, education and training, defense, healthcare and technology.

By leveraging our deep understanding of government procurement processes and industry dynamics, Cyprinoid assists firms in securing and executing large-scale projects efficiently. Through our strategic guidance and meticulous approach, Cyprinoid helps firms navigate complex regulations and requirements, ensuring successful outcomes and fostering long-term relationships with government agencies. As a result, firms can access stable revenue streams, financial predictability and sustainability while delivering innovative solutions that benefit both the government and the broader community.

Contract negotiation is a crucial aspect of doing business with government entities in Australia. Firms must demonstrate their capabilities, expertise, and value proposition to government procurement officials, highlighting their ability to deliver quality outcomes on time and within budget. Through strategic negotiation and collaboration, firms can secure contracts that not only maximise profitability but also align with their long-term business objectives.

Moreover, effective project reporting is essential for maintaining transparency, accountability and stakeholder confidence throughout the project lifecycle. By providing timely and accurate project updates, firms can build trust with government partners and mitigate risks, ensuring the successful delivery of contracted services and solutions.

From bid development to contract reporting, public-private partnerships to policy formulation, Cyprinoid is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that transcend regulatory challenges, empower organisations and foster sustainable growth.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) further enhance the opportunities for firms to engage in lucrative government contracts in Australia and Singapore and increasingly so throughout South East Asia, the South West Pacific and India. PPPs involve collaboration between government agencies and private sector firms to deliver public infrastructure projects and services, leveraging the respective strengths of both parties.

These partnerships enable firms to access additional funding sources, share project risks and harness innovative approaches to project delivery. By participating in PPPs, firms can unlock new revenue streams, expand their market presence and contribute to the development of critical infrastructure that benefits society as a whole. Overall, doing business with government entities offers firms the potential for substantial growth, profitability and impact while contributing to national economic development and prosperity.

Doing business with government engagements

Cyprinoid has played a pivotal role in driving success with government procurement and finance (grants etc.) for a diverse range of clients and engagements, showcasing our versatility and expertise across various sectors. Our recent support of Innovation Architects and KPMG on the investigation of the Queensland innovation ecosystem project demonstrated Cyprinoid’s ability to provide strategic insights and innovative solutions that meet client requirements and exceed expectations.

With The Fashion Institute in Sydney Australia, Cyprinoid leveraged its industry acumen to support initiatives aimed at promoting creativity and innovation within the fashion industry, including the approval of the Institute as a VET provider, approval of its initial scope of qualifications by the government regulator ASQA and listing of its diploma level qualifications on the VET-FEE-HELP register.

Additionally, through work with NanoVic and their four partner universities Cyprinoid’s demonstrated or ability to work with clients to align their business objectives with the funding priorities of the Victorian Government. Our work in this space was replicated with the successful funding of Neurosciences Victoria by the Victorian Government as well.

Furthermore, Cyprinoid’s project management of procurement bids for Enserv and Edelman Global Advisory in response to Australian Government requests for tender showcases our ability to navigate complex international projects and deliver successful outcomes. Finally, our work with QUT, the IOI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation reflects Cyprinoid’s role in facilitating groundbreaking initiatives at the intersection of technology, education and public-private partnerships, driving innovation and excellence in academic research and outreach.

Finally, Cyprinoid has been called on by many businesses, industry regulators and government departments to undertake compliance investigations and evidence verification at the business-government interface. This work includes preparing reports to a standard required to underwrite compliance undertakings, as evidence in judicial proceedings and as material in support of Cabinet-level decisions.

Public policy development

Public policy development as a service for governments in Australia is a crucial component of effective governance, ensuring that policies are evidence-based, responsive to societal needs and aligned with government objectives.

With a complex array of social, economic and environmental challenges facing the nation, governments rely on policy experts and consultants to provide specialised expertise and strategic guidance in navigating policy development processes.

By engaging external partners with deep knowledge of policy analysis, stakeholder engagement and implementation strategies, governments can enhance their capacity to formulate and implement policies that drive positive outcomes for citizens and communities.

Cyprinoid plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth and development of public policy development as a service for governments in Australia. Recognising the importance of evidence-based and responsive policies, Cyprinoid offers specialised expertise and strategic guidance to government entities. By leveraging its deep knowledge of policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, and implementation strategies, Cyprinoid enables governments to address complex societal, economic and environmental challenges effectively.

Through collaborative partnerships, Cyprinoid empowers governments to formulate and implement policies that align with their objectives and drive positive outcomes for citizens and communities across nations.

At Cyprinoid, we offer comprehensive public policy development services tailored to the unique needs and priorities of government clients in Australia. Our team of experienced policy analysts, researchers and consultants collaborate closely with government stakeholders to identify key policy issues, conduct rigorous analysis and develop innovative policy solutions. From drafting policy proposals and conducting stakeholder consultations to evaluating policy impacts and refining implementation strategies, we provide end-to-end support to governments at every stage of the policy development process.

Through our commitment to excellence, integrity and client satisfaction, Cyprinoid is dedicated to helping governments throughout Australia, Singapore, South East Asia, the South West Pacific and India navigate complex policy challenges and achieve their policy objectives effectively and efficiently. By harnessing our expertise, resources and collaborative approach, we empower governments to address pressing issues, drive meaningful change and build a better future for all Australians.

With Cyprinoid as your trusted partner in public policy development, you can be confident in our ability to deliver innovative, evidence-based solutions that make a positive difference in the lives of citizens and communities across Australia, Singapore, South East Asia, the South West Pacific and India.

Public policy development engagements

Cyprinoid has been instrumental in delivering impactful outcomes for various government clients and engagements, demonstrating our expertise across a broad spectrum of public policy domains and departmental program investments.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a matter of urgency, Cyprinoid advised the Australian Government on urgent actions to shape early childhood and schooling arrangements in light of lockdowns and Commonwealth-State financial relations.

Our work with the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD) in Victoria has fuelled initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and driving future-oriented economic growth, particularly the $2.8 billion Innovation Our Future Initiative. While our engagement with the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) in Victoria included the provision of sectoral research, senior counsel and strategic advice on reforms to both the Victorian Training Guarantee and the State’s TAFE system. Both of these projects included drafting Cabinet papers and materials for relevant Ministers and SES officials of the public service.

Additionally, Cyprinoid’s led the development of Australia’s Decentralisation Agenda policy for the Australian Government, including the preparation and drafting of Cabinet papers and materials for relevant Ministers. This engagement underscored our commitment to supporting regional development and equitable distribution of resources. Further, Cyprinoid researched, scoped and drafted the Victorian Skills Agenda paper for Cabinet in 2014, which included stakeholder engagement at Cabinet level and reflects Cyprinoid’s deep understanding of policy requirements to advance workforce development and skills training initiatives.

Furthermore, our review of the Environment Protection (Resource Recovery) Act 2002 for the Victorian Government which involved engagement with industry, local government agencies and other bodies, highlights Cyprinoid understanding of the tensions and complementarities of industry and environment needs when shaping government policies and program interventions. Lastly, Cyprinoid’s preparation of COP26 and COP27 technology and innovation policy discussion papers for DFAT and Enserv demonstrates our expertise in the politics and policy of climate diplomacy and environmental stewardship, that must be captured and harnessed to contribute to global efforts aimed at addressing climate change and promoting energy sustainability